About Human Appeal Challenges

Human Appeal are celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and as part of the celebration we are launching our challenges. Our motto is Bring It On, because we believe our supporters have the same energy and enthusiasm as we do when it comes to taking on the challenge of saving lives, and alleviating and eradicating poverty around the globe, and of course beating the physical challenges they sign up for. These challenges will bring out the best in you, and will provide you a memorable experience which you will cherish and we hope will bring you back for more exciting challenges. It will help us raise awareness and funds for vital aid, food security, medical, emergency and education for those most in need of our help.

Below are a number of challenges, and we will be bringing you more and more exciting challenges of different difficulties, different experiences and (Message here is we are catering for everyone. The young, old, fit, not so fit, day challenges, week challenges, climks, bikes, cycles, land and water).

Our events

Below are some of our exciting active challenges If the challenge you were looking for isn't there then sadly you may have already missed it, but don't worry, we are regularly adding new challenges. Register for the challenge and help save lives worldwide. A fundraising page will be set up when you register so you can start raising immediately. Don't miss out, say Bring It On and take the challenge!

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